Dental Cleanings and Exams

Improve Your Oral Health
  • Build a better smile with healthy oral care habits
  • Treat problems before they become emergencies
  • Enjoy that “fresh-from-the-dentist” feeling

Dental Cleanings and Exams in St. Louis Park, MN

Stats Image About 1 out of 4 adults has untreated decay. Source.
You visit your doctor for yearly checkups to make sure your body is healthy. You need to see your dentist for biannual checkups for similar reasons! Dental cleanings and exams in St. Louis Park are part of what keeps your mouth healthy. You will:

  • Feel confident about the condition of your smile
  • Improve your at-home oral care routine with our tips
  • Get comfortable cleanings with ultrasonic technology
  • Catch problems earlier for easier treatments
  • Reduce your risk of a dental emergency
  • Gain peace of mind about your dental health

Call 952-800-5225 for an appointment. Ask about our membership plan. Your membership covers the cost of preventive services like cleanings and offers other benefits too.

Refresh Your Dental Health With Regular Checkups

Studies show only about 50 percent of adults visit the dentist for biannual checkups. We’d love that number to be higher! By seeing us regularly for cleanings and exams, your teeth and gums remain healthy and your smile stays intact. Before your appointment, we’ll make sure you get your paperwork ahead of time and that your insurance information is in order. It’s one of the ways we keep your visits free of hassle.

When you arrive, here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll get a thorough exam, where we check for cavities, gum disease, or signs of oral cancer. We’ll also take any needed X-rays.
  • Dr. Ruby will review your X-rays and oral health history. She’ll discuss any problems you’ve experienced at home.
  • We’ll also do a complete periodontal evaluation. By monitoring your gum health, we’ll stay on top of serious issues that put your teeth and gums at risk.
  • Next, we’ll clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. We use ultrasonic technology for a thorough yet comfortable cleaning. If you require additional treatments, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Your dentist may also recommend preventive treatments like fluoride varnishes or dental sealants. They give your teeth an extra layer of protection against harmful bacteria.

You’ll discover that we value patient education a great deal. During your appointment, Dr. Ruby will discuss what’s necessary for you to keep your smile in good condition. She’ll also explain the reasoning behind her treatment recommendations and answer all of your questions.

Call 952-800-5225 for dental cleanings and exams in St. Louis Park, MN. You can also schedule online.

Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Cleanings and Exams

How long does a dental exam and cleaning take?

The time needed for these services will vary depending on several factors, including whether we’ve seen you before and what shape your smile is in. Typically, though, it won’t require more than an hour. It will be time well spent, as your teeth will look and feel great!

How soon after my cleaning can I eat?

It all depends on the type of treatment you receive during your appointment. If our dental team has applied fluoride treatments to your teeth, you’ll want to wait at least 30 minutes before you eat. Otherwise, there’s no reason to wait at all! However, many people prefer to wait awhile since their teeth and gums may feel a bit sensitive after their cleaning.

Does insurance cover a dental cleaning and exam?

In many cases, dental insurance will allow you to visit our office twice a year for cleanings and exams as part of your annual benefits. That said, we can look at your coverage and verify it for you so there won’t be any problems. Alternatively, if you are without insurance, you can sign up for our special in-house membership plan.