Teeth Contouring in St. Louis Park, MN

Sometimes it’s one small aspect of your appearance you want to change. When it comes to your teeth, an uneven or jagged-edged tooth may distract people from your otherwise beautiful smile. Fortunately, you don’t need extensive restorative or cosmetic solutions to fix it. Teeth contouring in St. Louis Park is an easy procedure that will:

  • Improve the appearance of your teeth
  • Give you more confidence in your smile
  • Take less time than other cosmetic treatments
  • Eliminate wear-and-tear on your teeth
  • Inspire you to practice good oral health habits
  • Never need to be repeated

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Make Subtle Changes With Your Contouring Procedure

You might be surprised to learn that about half of adults remember someone’s smile after they meet them. You don’t want these valuable first impressions impacted by a minor dental flaw. When you come in for dental contouring, you’ll discover that this procedure is perfect for:

  • Giving worn-down teeth a fresh look
  • Reshaping uneven or pointy-edged teeth
  • Removing enamel from teeth that are too long

Dr. Ruby will do a thorough exam to make sure your smile is in excellent shape. Then she’ll discuss the process, so you know what to expect. She can also answer your questions. Because this procedure doesn’t affect your tooth nerves, you won’t feel a thing. Best of all, it takes only one appointment to complete. And unlike some other cosmetic treatments, your changes are permanent.

Prepare Your Teeth for Crowns or Veneers

If you are getting crowns or veneers, you may need a procedure to lengthen your teeth. Crown lengthening is often required if you have an excessive gumline or short teeth. Dr. Ruby uses a laser to give you the best possible experience. It will:

  • Gently remove a bit of gum tissue to expose more of your tooth enamel
  • Feel completely painless since no sutures or stitching are used
  • Encourage a quick healing process, so you can get back to your life quicker

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