The crisp air, changing leaves, and fun fall activities make autumn exciting for families. As your family enjoys everything the fall season offers, don’t neglect those bright smiles you’ll want to show off in holiday photos. Today, we’re sharing to ensure your family’s smiles remain healthy and beautiful all season long. 

  • Schedule Your Next Dental Checkup

Fall is perfect for your family’s regular dental cleanings and exams. Since summer vacations have come to an end, it’s important to know how your smile has faired since your last appointment. Take advantage of the changing season to schedule your whole family for a checkup. If it’s your child’s first visit, we’ll make them feel comfortable with toys and an easygoing initial appointment. Plus, we can apply fluoride varnishes and dental sealants to give your teeth an extra layer of defense against cavities.

  • Get a Custom Athletic Mouthguard

Does anyone in your family play fall sports? It’s important they wear a mouthguard along with all their other gear. By wearing the right protection, they won’t have to face a knocked-out tooth or other dental emergency. We can create a customized one that will provide the best protection against sports-related dental injuries and trauma. Plus, they will last longer since they are made of higher quality materials than anything from the store.

  • Enjoy Healthy Snacking 

Fall holidays and activities revolve around sugary treats from Halloween candy to Thanksgiving desserts. While special sweets are part of the seasonal fun, keep your family’s consumption in check to avoid cavities or tooth decay. Set limits on the amount of candy allowed daily. Encourage your child to share their haul with friends and donate excess treats. Plus, providing low-sugar healthy snacks like string cheese, chopped veggies, fresh fruits, and whole grain crackers will keep their smile healthy. 

  • Beware of Seasonal Staining 

Autumn is prime time for favorites like pumpkin spiced lattes, hot apple cider, red wine, and other juices that can stain teeth. Remind family members to minimize staining by drinking these beverages in one sitting rather than sipping all day. Ensure you rinse your teeth and brush them 30 minutes later to keep them bright and clean. If you see lingering stains you want to be removed before the holiday season, ask about our teeth whitening options.

  • Don’t Ignore Dental Discomfort

If you notice dental pain when you bite or chew into food, or bleeding when you brush or floss, don’t ignore it. Both of those things are indications you may have a dental concern that needs our attention. Before they lead to an emergency, visit our office for an appointment. We’ll check your mouth to make sure everything is in good shape. We’ll create a treatment plan that gets your smile back if necessary.

Need to make an appointment or wonder if you’ve been keeping your smile healthy? Call Ruby Dental today at 952-800-5225 for an appointment in St. Louis Park, MN. You can also ​​schedule online.